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We do not presume to understand fully the loss of your loved one or family member. We do, however, know the law and how it applies to that passing. Whether there is a Will, a Trust, or neither, certain legal responsibilities must be assessed and undertaken immediately to avoid unnecessary and costly problems in the days and weeks ahead.

Probate is the process by which the court validates the authenticity of a will; appoints the executor (aka personal representative); and supervises the settlement of an estate, including the payment of bills, filing of tax returns, and transfer of assets to beneficiaries. If no will is presented, the court will appoint an estate representative, called an “administrator.” The administrator carries out the same duties as an executor; the remainder of the probate process remains the same whether there was a will or not, except that estate assets are distributed to heirs at law as determined by the state’s intestacy laws, not beneficiaries chosen by the deceased who created the will.

Rest assured, we are here for your loved ones if you become incapacitated and when you die. We guide them through administration while following the instructions you’ve outlined in your estate plan. Remember, your estate plan is really just a legal instruction book. You’ve made good decisions and, with our guidance, your successor trustees, executors, and other trusted helpers will carry out your wishes.

We help your trusted helpers such as successor trustees and executors understand their duties; gather, protect, and manage assets; file all appropriate tax returns; pay legitimate bills; create sub-trusts; collect death benefits; dissolve trusts; consider disclaimers; distribute assets to beneficiaries or sub-trusts; and make good decisions.

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The bottom line is that your loved ones are not alone, trying to make their way through an unfamiliar world. We are there for them to make sure your instructions and the law are followed. Our goal is to provide your loved ones with guidance, peace of mind, and support so that what you pictured in your mind’s eye when you did your estate planning comes to fruition. Your loved ones are in good hands.

Should you decide that you would like to talk with us further about such matters, or would like to discuss your own need for a Will, a Living Trust, an IRA Beneficiary Trust, or other Estate Probate Attorney Scottsdale, Arizona or surrounding Maricopa County, your initial consultation will be free.

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