A revocable Living Trust is a powerful and commonly used estate planning tool. Many of the plans we design are centered around a Living Trust due to their ability to allow you to control your property while you are living, if you become incapacitated, and after you die. Living Trusts are flexibility, convenience, and can offer protection for your loved ones after you pass on.  Not only does an Arizona and Utah Living Trust provide for the disposition of your property (like a Will), but it also offers the following benefits:

(1) Provides asset protection such as remarriage protection for a surviving spouse and can be drafted to protect against assets being lost by a surviving spouse, children and grandchildren due to their divorce, debt, or judgement liens;

(2) Provides for the immediate or timed transfer of assets after death;

(3) Allows for a smooth transition of management upon incapacity or death;

(4) Avoids the expense and hassle of probate proceedings;

(5) Minimizes estate taxes and defers payment of estate taxes for married couples;

(6) Allows for continued control over assets after death or incapacity;

(7) Offers flexibility including tax and charitable planning.

Clients enjoy the benefits of our Living Trusts which allow loved ones to avoid the cost and time required by probate.

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